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pmake-customs-2.1.33-5 RPM for s390

From S/390 packages for Think Blue Linux

Name: pmake-customs Distribution: Think Blue
Version: 2.1.33 Vendor: Thinking Objects Software GmbH
Release: 5 Build date: Wed Apr 26 02:58:10 2000
Group: Development/Tools Build host: piranha.think
Size: 1015005 Source RPM: pmake-2.1.33-5.src.rpm
Packager: Fritz Elfert <>
Summary: A remote execution facility for pmake.
Customs is a remote execution facility for PMake. Customs is designed to
run on a network of machines with a consistent, shared filesystem. Customs
requires Sun RPC in order to use XDR (eXternal Data Representation) routines
for logging functions.

A single server is designated as the master agent and is additionally
responsible for noting when a machine goes down, from which machines
any given machine will accept jobs and parcelling out available
machines to requesting clients. The job of master is not given to any
one machine but, rather, is decided among the active agents whenever
the previous master dies.

Clients are provided to:
	- alter the availability criteria for the local machine (importquota)
	- find the status of all registered hosts on the net (reginfo).
	- abort, restart or ping any customs agent on the network (cctrl).
	- export a command from the shell (export).
	- accept log information from all hosts on the net (logd).






MD5: dfbd2dabecbab1bb14df3056c61ff92a


* Wed Apr 26 2000 Fritz Elfert <>
  - rebuilt with gcc 2.95.2-3
* Sat Mar 18 2000 Fritz Elfert <>
  - rebuilt with new compiler
* Sun Feb 20 2000 Fritz Elfert <>
  - rebuilt against new glibc
* Sun Feb 20 2000 Fritz Elfert <>
  - rebuilt against new glibc
* Wed Feb 02 2000 Fritz Elfert <>
  - Linux/390 port
* Sun Mar 21 1999 Cristian Gafton <> 
  - auto rebuild in the new build environment (release 5)
* Fri Mar 19 1999 Jeff Johnson <>
  - turn off setuid root "just in case". See etc/SECURITY in /usr/doc.
* Mon Aug 17 1998 Jeff Johnson <>
  - build root
* Fri May 01 1998 Prospector System <>
  - translations modified for de, fr, tr
* Tue Dec 16 1997 Otto Hammersmith <>
  - fixed bug related to rules to build .a files.
* Thu Oct 23 1997 Cristian Gafton <>
  - updated spec file
* Mon Jul 21 1997 Erik Troan <>
  - built against glibc



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