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linux_logo-3.0-2 RPM for s390

From S/390 packages for Think Blue Linux

Name: linux_logo Distribution: Think Blue
Version: 3.0 Vendor: Thinking Objects Software GmbH
Release: 2 Build date: Sat Apr 29 23:02:20 2000
Group: Utilities/Console Build host: piranha.think
Size: 91293 Source RPM: linux_logo-3.0-2.src.rpm
Packager: Heiko Huettel <>
Summary: Shows a nice logo with some system info
Description: An ANSI Color Penguin Logo that can be run at bootup,
at login, and many other interesting times.






MD5: 2de891d5da3216d64ea99457d7fc1d03


* Thu Feb 10 2000 Heiko Huettel <>
  - Linux S/390 Port
* Wed Jul 14 1999 Peter Soos <>
  - Modified the spec file to build the package as an ordinary user.
* Tue Jun 15 1999 Dan Anderson <>
  - Previous RPM was corrupt; also added clean, BuildRoot, and Prefix.
* Tue Jan 12 1999 Ian Macdonald <>
  - upgraded to 3.0b1
* Thu Nov 12 1998 Ian Macdonald <>
  - upgraded to 2.12
* Mon Oct 05 1998 Ian Macdonald <>
  - upgraded to 2.11



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