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lesstif-mwm-0.88.1-3 RPM for s390

From S/390 packages for Think Blue Linux

Name: lesstif-mwm Distribution: Think Blue
Version: 0.88.1 Vendor: Thinking Objects Software GmbH
Release: 3 Build date: Thu Apr 27 14:29:21 2000
Group: User Interface/Desktops Build host: piranha.think
Size: 294391 Source RPM: lesstif-0.88.1-3.src.rpm
Packager: Fritz Elfert <>
Summary: A LessTif/Motif(R) window manager based on fvwm.
LessTif-mwm is a window manager derived from fvwm. LessTif-mwm
includes a new parser that understands mwmrc syntax and mwm
resources. If you're installing lesstif-mwm, you'll need to also
install lesstif and lesstif-clients.






MD5: 0d2ab3de7afe7998699b492e5e59ce24


* Thu Apr 27 2000 Fritz Elfert <>
  - rebuilt with gcc 2.95.2-3
* Sat Mar 18 2000 Fritz Elfert <>
  - rebuilt with new compiler
* Sun Feb 20 2000 Fritz Elfert <>
  - rebuilt against new glibc
* Sun Feb 06 2000 Fritz Elfert <>
  - Linux/390 port
* Fri Jul 02 1999 Tim Powers <>
  - added 1.2-devel and 2.0-devel descriptions and file lists
  - made default build 2.0
  - changed decriptions for all packages
  - added Requires: to 1.2-devel, 2.0-devel, clients, and mwm
  - built for Powertools
* Thu Apr 30 1998 C. Scott Ananian <>      (0.83+)
  - Updated to lessdoc-current.
  - Removes Lessdox package (integrated into lesstif)
* Tue Mar 31 1998 C. Scott Ananian <>      (0.83+)
  - Removed pedantic.patch
  - Removed lesstif-M12 (Motif 1.2 wrapper)
  - Reviewed installation and fixed %files sections.
  - Added patch to fix a bug which causes mozilla to crash.
  - Added patch to fix the include prefix on install.
* Sun Jul 20 1997 Tomasz K⊃oczko <>        (0.80-2)
  - added to all %doc %attr macros (this allow build package from normal user
  - some simplification in %files (%doc).
* Wed Jul 09 1997 Tomasz K⊃oczko <>
  - added using %{PACKAGE_VERSION} macro in "Source:" and %files,
  - added additional parameter "--enable-build-12" to runing configure,
  - added %posun and %clear,
  - in %post and %postun ldconfig is called as parameter with "-p"
    (this feature is avalable in rpm >= 2.4.3 and you must have this
    version and if you want recompile package from src.rpm you must have new
    version rpm),
  - added package lesstif-M12 simpe Motif 1.2 wrapper,
  - simplified %install section,
  - added %attr macros in %files sections,
  - added striping shared libraries,
  - added URL field,
  - added Lessdox - a html development documentation to lesstif-devel,
  - added lesstif-0.80public-nopedantic.patch, this allow compile lesstif on
    sparc by removing "-pedantic" from CFLAGS.



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