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iproute-2.2.4-2 RPM for s390

From S/390 packages for Think Blue Linux

Name: iproute Distribution: Think Blue
Version: 2.2.4 Vendor: Thinking Objects Software GmbH
Release: 2 Build date: Thu Apr 27 11:39:09 2000
Group: Applications/System Build host: piranha.think
Size: 876405 Source RPM: iproute-2.2.4-2.src.rpm
Packager: Thomas Stark <>
Summary: Enhanced IP routing and network devices configuration tools
Linux 2.2 maintains compatibility with the basic configuration utilities of
the network (ifconfig, route) but a new utility is required to exploit the new
characteristics and features of the kernel. This package includes the new
utilities (/sbin/ip, /sbin/rtmon).






MD5: 74d81e2de54d3c3a248315a669d40dc7


* Thu Apr 27 2000 Fritz Elfert <>
  - rebuilt with gcc 2.95.2-3
* Sat Mar 18 2000 Fritz Elfert <>
  - rebuilt with new compiler
* Sun Feb 20 2000 Fritz Elfert <>
  - rebuilt against new glibc
* Tue Jan 25 2000 Thomas Stark <>
  - Linux/390 port
* Mon Sep 13 1999 Bill Nottingham <>
  - strip binaries
* Mon Aug 16 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - first build



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