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dev-2.7.10-6 RPM for s390

From S/390 packages for Think Blue Linux

Name: dev Distribution: Think Blue
Version: 2.7.10 Vendor: Thinking Objects Software GmbH
Release: 6 Build date: Sat Apr 29 16:11:45 2000
Group: System Environment/Base Build host: piranha.think
Size: 4151 Source RPM: dev-2.7.10-6.src.rpm
Packager: Fritz Elfert <>
Summary: The most commonly-used entries in the /dev directory.
The Think Blue Linux operating system uses file system entries to represent
devices (CD-ROMs, floppy drives, etc.) attached to the machine. All of
these entries are in the /dev tree (although they don't have to be).
This package contains the most commonly used /dev entries.

The dev package is a basic part of your Think Blue Linux system and it needs
to be installed.




public domain


MD5: ac189db65b5e740140fb44cfd837457b


* Wed Apr 26 2000 Fritz Elfert <>
  - Set permissions for disks to 0660
* Sat Jan 22 2000 Fritz Elfert <>
  - Bugfix: console had wrong major/minor
* Fri Jan 21 2000 Fritz Elfert <>
  - Linux/390 port
* Tue Sep 21 1999 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - now have first few of all types of v4l devices (MAKEDEV v4l for all of them)
* Mon Sep 20 1999 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - changed mouse and cdrom devices to not be world-readable (#4390)
  - fixed some of the cdrom devices that weren't group disk
* Fri Sep 10 1999 Matt Wilson <>
  - added /dev/video*
* Fri Sep 03 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - take out the /dev/isdnctrl (now in the isdn4k-utils package)
* Thu Aug 12 1999 Bill Nottingham <>
  - remove /dev/printer
* Fri Jul 16 1999 Bill Nottingham <>
  - fix perms on /dev/pts in tarball so it verifies OK
* Wed Jun 09 1999 Matt Wilson <>
  - changed %post script to mount /dev/pts with the proper permissions
* Sat Apr 17 1999 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - added a great many devices, mostly from the 2.2 kernel,
    regularized some permissions
* Fri Apr 16 1999 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - now have all the sd* devices that are mentioned in Devices.txt
* Thu Apr 15 1999 Preston Brown <>
  - joystick entries
* Thu Apr 15 1999 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - changed a requires line to a prereq line for the %post
  - deal properly with fstab files with multiple proc entries
* Tue Apr 13 1999 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - /dev/kbd files will be managed by pam_console like /dev/fb
* Mon Apr 12 1999 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - /dev/fb devices are not sparc-specific and permissions will
    change as they are managed by pam_console by default.
* Fri Apr 09 1999 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - make sure permissions on /etc/fstab do not change while adding
    devpts filesystem
* Mon Mar 29 1999 Michael Johnson <>
  - added m68k devices from puffin
* Mon Mar 29 1999 Michael Johnson <>
  - fixed permissions on audio devices
* Sat Mar 27 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - added devices for Multitech IntelligentSerialInternal (isicom)
* Thu Mar 25 1999 Michael Johnson <>
  - added permission check so that careless tar use will not mangle permissions
  - /dev/tty set to 666
  - nb devices
* Tue Mar 23 1999 Michael Johnson <>
  - made /dev/zero world-writable again
* Sun Mar 21 1999 Matt Wilson <>
  - added entries for DAC960 and Compaq Smart/2 RAID array controllers
* Sun Mar 21 1999 Cristian Gafton <> 
  - auto rebuild in the new build environment (release 2)
* Fri Mar 19 1999 Michael Johnson <>
  - isdnctrl messy symlink fixed
* Tue Mar 09 1999 Michael Johnson <>
  - fixed logic for case when /etc/fstab does not exist
* Tue Feb 23 1999 Michael Johnson <>
  - added ptmx and pts, moved console to 5,1
    NB: we add devpts to /etc/fstab if it is not there; folks who
    for any reason don't want to use devpts should COMMENT OUT (not
    remove) the line and we will try not to add it again in the
  - opened permissions back up on old-style ptys
* Tue Feb 23 1999 Matt Wilson <>
  - yes, sparcs have IDE devices now, you *need* those devices.
* Mon Dec 14 1998 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - console-config is dead
  - permission check limiting is still the right thing to do, though,
    for whatever replaces console-config
* Wed Dec 09 1998 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - moved dynamically configured to archive (changed to tar)
  - added console-config.d file
  - limited permission checking for files console-config manages
  - permissions changed to console-config defaults
* Fri May 08 1998 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - added paride devices
* Tue May 05 1998 Erik Troan <>
  - uses a filelist
  - ghosts /dev/log
* Fri May 01 1998 Cristian Gafton <>
  - fixed groupadd call in the %install
* Fri Apr 24 1998 Prospector System <>
  - translations modified for de
* Thu Apr 23 1998 Prospector System <>
  - translations modified for fr, tr
* Thu Apr 23 1998 Erik Troan <>
  - fixed preinstall script
* Tue Apr 21 1998 Erik Troan <>
  - updated groupadd to work with upgrades where the floppy group already exists
* Mon Nov 10 1997 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Added more ramdisk entries
* Wed Oct 29 1997 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Added fd and ramdisk symlinks
* Fri Oct 24 1997 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Added floppy group for floppies; made them group-writable.
* Tue Jul 08 1997 Erik Troan <>
  - added bpcd device
* Thu Apr 10 1997 Erik Troan <>
  - Added ftape devices
* Tue Mar 25 1997 Erik Troan <>
  - Fixed stdin, stdout devices.
  - Moved rtc to cpio archive
  - Added ISDN devices



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