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MySQL-devel-3.22.32-1 RPM for s390

From S/390 packages for Think Blue Linux

Name: MySQL-devel Distribution: Think Blue
Version: 3.22.32 Vendor: Thinking Objects Software GmbH
Release: 1 Build date: Sat Apr 29 23:44:58 2000
Group: Applications/Databases Build host: piranha.think
Size: 856466 Source RPM: MySQL-3.22.32-1.src.rpm
Packager: Thinking Objects Software GmbH <>
Summary: MySQL - Development header files and libraries
This package contains the development header files and libraries
necessary to develop MySQL client applications.

For a description of MySQL see the base MySQL RPM or






MD5: 1ae449a58d549f1c056ed4dcf067779a


* Sat Apr 29 2000 Fritz Elfert <>
  - Linux/390 port
* Tue Sep 28 1999 David Axmark <>
  - Added the support-files/my-example.cnf to the docs directory.
  - Removed devel dependency on base since it is about client
* Wed Sep 08 1999 David Axmark <>
  - Cleaned up some for 3.23.
* Thu Jul 01 1999 David Axmark <>
  - Added support for shared libraries in a separate sub
    package. Original fix by David Fox (
  - The --enable-assembler switch is now automatically disables on
    platforms there assembler code is unavailable. This should allow
    building this RPM on non i386 systems.
* Mon Feb 22 1999 David Axmark <>
  - Removed unportable cc switches from the spec file. The defaults can
    now be overridden with environment variables. This feature is used
    to compile the official RPM with optimal (but compiler version
    specific) switches.
  - Removed the repetitive description parts for the sub rpms. Maybe add
    again if RPM gets a multiline macro capability.
  - Added support for a pt_BR translation. Translation contributed by
    Jorge Godoy <>.
* Wed Nov 04 1998 David Axmark <>
  - A lot of changes in all the rpm and install scripts. This may even
    be a working RPM :-)
* Sun Aug 16 1998 David Axmark <>
  - A developers changelog for MySQL is available in the source RPM. And
    there is a history of major user visible changed in the Reference
    Manual.  Only RPM specific changes will be documented here.



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