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s390-tools-1.0.2-4 RPM for s390x

From S/390x packages for Think Blue 64 Linux 7.1

Name: s390-tools Distribution: Think Blue for zSeries (64 bit)
Version: 1.0.2 Vendor: Millenux GmbH, Germany,
Release: 4 Build date: Thu Oct 4 13:41:41 2001
Group: System Environment/Base Build host:
Size: 229466 Source RPM: s390-tools-1.0.2-4.src.rpm
Packager: Millenux GmbH, Germany, <>
Summary: Linux/390 specific utilities.
This package contains utilities related to Linux for S/390.
It replaces the old s390utils.

Currently, there are provided the following programs:

   * dasdfmt, which is used to low-level format eckd-dasds with
     either the classic linux disk layout or the new z/OS
     compatible disk layout.
   * fdasd, which is used to create or modify partitions on
     eckd-dasds formatted with the z/OS compatible disk layout.
   * zipl, which is used to make either dasds or tapes bootable
     for system IPL or system dump.
   * zdump, which is used to retrieve system dumps from either
     tapes or dasds.






MD5: be694f97c18a9353e69f413ef79748ea


* Tue Aug 28 2001 Oliver Paukstadt <>
  - fixed fdasd
* Thu Aug 23 2001 Oliver Paukstadt <>
  - update to new IBM drop
* Fri Jul 20 2001 Oliver Paukstadt <>
  - fixed the zilo->zipl.conf conversation
* Wed Jul 18 2001 Oliver Paukstadt <>
  - added compatibility handling of zilo.conf
  - added chandev-manpage
* Mon Jul 16 2001 Oliver Paukstadt <>
  - initial packaging of s390-tools



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