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nasm-0.98-5 RPM for s390x

From S/390x packages for Think Blue 64 Linux 7.1

Name: nasm Distribution: Think Blue for zSeries (64 bit)
Version: 0.98 Vendor: Millenux GmbH, Germany,
Release: 5 Build date: Fri May 11 23:14:00 2001
Group: Development/Languages Build host:
Size: 671495 Source RPM: nasm-0.98-5.src.rpm
Packager: Millenux GmbH, Germany, <>
Summary: The Netwide Assembler, a portable x86 assembler with Intel-like syntax
NASM is the Netwide Assembler, a free portable assembler for the Intel
80x86 microprocessor series, using primarily the traditional Intel
instruction mnemonics and syntax.






MD5: 58eb04c1d2dd1b176b4d96acdbdfbfbd


* Tue Mar 20 2001 Oliver Paukstadt <>
  - ported to zSeries (64 bit)
* Wed Jul 12 2000 Prospector <>
  - automatic rebuild
* Tue Jun 13 2000 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <>
  - rewrote almost everything. The old specfile was bad, bad, bad.
    Really Bad.
* Tue Apr 04 2000 Erik Troan <>
  - moved to distribution (syslinux needs it)
  - gzipped man pages
* Thu Dec 02 1999 Preston Brown <>
  - adopted from one of the best .spec files I have seen in a long time. :)



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