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cipe-1.4.5-5 RPM for s390x

From S/390x packages for Think Blue 64 Linux 7.1

Name: cipe Distribution: Think Blue for zSeries (64 bit)
Version: 1.4.5 Vendor: Millenux GmbH, Germany,
Release: 5 Build date: Mon May 14 16:11:39 2001
Group: System Environment/Daemons Build host:
Size: 93131 Source RPM: cipe-1.4.5-5.src.rpm
Packager: Millenux GmbH, Germany, <>
Summary: Kernel Module and Daemon for VPN
CIPE (the name is shortened from Crypto IP Encapsulation) is a
package for an encrypting IP tunnel device. This can be used to build
encrypting routers for VPN (Virtual Private Networks) and similar






MD5: e95738ec1295a193d4ac08b5866ee2a0


* Fri May 04 2001 Oliver Paukstadt <>
  - ported to IBM zSeries (s390x, 64 bit)
* Thu Mar 01 2001 Matt Wilson <>
  - updated cipe-example-ifcfg (redhat-ifcfg-cipcb0) to reflect the needed
    PEER info and that MYPORT doesn't set both endpoints.
* Fri Feb 23 2001 Matt Wilson <>
  - added a triggerun on cipe < 1.4.5 to remove old init scripts (#28668)
* Wed Feb 21 2001 Nalin Dahyabhai <>
  - install and uninstall the info docs at install and uninstall time (#28425)
* Wed Feb 14 2001 Matt Wilson <>
  - make version.h explicitly, fix time.h include
* Thu Jan 18 2001 Matt Wilson <>
  - patched so we don't need kernel headers to build this userland bit
* Thu Dec 14 2000 Matt Wilson <>
  - decided that the findroute stuff wasn't really needed anyway.
* Fri Oct 06 2000 Matt Wilson <>
  - nuked braindamaged initscript for cipe
  - added interface starter/stopper that integrates with Red Hat's
    networking setup
  - wrote a quick program to walk a box's routing table to find the
    interface you can talk to the peer on if you don't bind me to an ip
  - you can now place config options in /etc/cipe/options.cipcb0 for the
    key, etc (where cipcb0 goes to N devices)
  - you can set ME, MYPORT, PEER, IPADDR, PTPADDR in
    /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-cipcb0 - you could also put
    them in the options file instead.
  - if you leave ME out of the options file and ifcfg file, the
    interface that will be used to get to the peer is automatically
    passed as 'me'
  - now control starting and stopping cipe devices with "ifup cipcb0"
    and "ifdown cipcb0", including the ability to make it a user
    controlled interface
  - if you need other interfaces to come up before the cipe interface,
    use "ONBOOT=no" in ifcfg-cipcb0 and make the ifup-local script start
    the cipe interface when the interface you need to get to the peer is
* Wed Aug 23 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai <>
  - mark it as a snapshot because 1.4 is actually out now
* Thu Aug 10 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai <>
  - change version number to 1.4 (it's a 1.4 snapshot) (#15943)
  - fix erroneous comments in /etc/sysconfig/cipe (#16148)
  - configure with --with-linux=/lib/modules/`uname -r`/build if it exists
  - add URL: tag
  - change Copyright: to License:
* Wed Aug 09 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai <>
  - fix init script
* Mon Aug 07 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai <>
  - add IPADDR and PTPADDR options to the sysconfig file (#14956)
* Sun Jul 23 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai <>
  - make configurations noreplace
  - supply a default /etc/sysconfig/cipe file (#14467)
  - tweak the init script some more (#14468)
* Sat Jul 15 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - move initscript back
* Wed Jul 12 2000 Prospector <>
  - automatic rebuild
* Tue Jul 11 2000 Matt Wilson <>
  - move group from Applications/Networking to System Environment/Daemons
* Mon Jul 10 2000 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <>
  - obvious bandaid1: add the sysconfig file it tries to source
  - obvious bandaid2: remove the "su to specific user and run his
    specific program on another computer"-part of the initscript
  - Prereq: /etc/init.d
* Sun Jul 02 2000 Florian La Roche <>
  - first version of a rpm based on an RH-internal rpm
  - TODO: /etc/init.d/ciped must be fixed



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