This Apache runs on Linux for S/390


S/390 is IBMs most reliable hardware platform. S/390 servers can be partitioned and run different operating systems - separated from each other - at the same time.

Linux brings the power of Open Source Unix tools to the S/390 mainframe. All the current versions of standard Unix services may run in a Linux partition gaining the advantages of mainframe hardware.

Different security zones (WWW, Application-Server, Firewall, Database, and internal life critical applications) may be installed on only one machine.

Linux for S/390 is a new chance to bring the different worlds of enterprise computing together much closer than ever before.

 Think Blue Linux News
Thu, Feb 16 2006:We will stop distributing ThinkBlue/64 in a few weeks.
If you want an uptodate free Linux Distribution for zSeries you could use for example Centos which is based on RHEL4.
Thu, Oct 11 2001:Released ThinkBlue/64 7.1a, a respin of ThinkBlue/64 7.1 with all updates integrated.
Thu, Jun 7 2001:Released ThinkBlue/64 7.1, a real 64 Bit Linux Distribution for zSeries
Fri, Apr 13 2001:Released ThinkBlue/64, a 64 Bit Linux Distribution for zSeries
Fri, May 5 2000:Talk at GSE about Linux for S/390 Mit Linux for S/390 ins Internet (german)
Mon, May 1 2000:Updated all packages, added bug database.
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